Binge Watching Cutthroat Kitchen…Could My Life Get Anymore Glamorous?

Hey guys! Just a quick check in. Yeah, so the title of this post pretty much sums up my day. Besides, that I did make it to the gym today! 5 quick and nasty miles. Worked up a good sweat and looked like a buffoon, right in time for the men’s basketball team to let out. Ohh they joys of exercise! Haha. Whilst I was running, I got to watch The Change-Up…not my favorite or first choice movie, but entertaining nonetheless. Except for the part where the baby sprays crap all over the dad. I mean seriously, do people actually find that funny? I just find it utterly too gross to be funny…but maybe that’s just me? (P.S. Before this A Bug’s Life was on…personally I enjoyed that more)


Anyways, I’m gonna spend the rest of the evening (although it’s not even quite 6…yet it feels later), watching football! Go Packers!!!! Oh, and can I just say Fall is BEAUTIFUL! I mean seriously, look at this picture! No filter and taken from my iPhone. Yeah, I’m not the best photographer, so I think it’s saying a lot that it still turned out pretty nice 🙂 So, that being said…I leave you with this beauty.


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