Jawbone UP24

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.42.31 PMHey guys…guess what!! IT’S THE WEEKEND!!! BOOM! My Birthday is coming up and I’m REALLY bad at making commitments….so I’m kind of waffling on my decision to buy the UP24 by Jawbone. I officially bought it online, so I technically made a commitment, but I’m unsure of my decision. Usually I skip presents on Birthdays and Christmas due to the fact that I can never make a decision and I would rather not buy anything rather than feel bad or mad about the thing I did end up buying. Yeah, I know it’s weird. But I’m always like well I could have gotten this, did I really need this, why did I get this, will I actually use this? And all that stress…well it just makes me feel stressful, so I’d rather not deal with it, dream about the things I want, act like I could get them all, and then not get anything. It makes no sense, but it feels better okay? Anyway. I bought it. It’s going to ship. I’m nervous. Did I make the right decision? GAHHHHH. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. I know you’ll all be out of your seats waiting in anticipation. How oh HOW could I leave you in such suspense?! Haha…kidding, obviously. I’m sure you all could care less.

IMG_0855So, on that happy note, I will turn to a new subject to ramble about. Originally today I planned to lift weights…however, I just couldn’t get myself to the gym….instead, I settled for a quick at-home workout from FitnessBlender’s YouTube Channel. I decided on their HIIT Cardio Workout. It was a nice, sweaty workout that kept me breathing hard.

IMG_0858Now, in order to reward myself, I think its time for some Tiramisu Gelato whilst watching The Incredibles!! Enjoy your Friday and your weekend 🙂

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