And the Birthday Continues….

IMG_0888IT’S THURSDAY!! My favorite day of the week!! We have the WHOLE weekend ahead of us. AND AND AND MOCKINGJAY COMES OUT TONIGHT/TOMORROW MORNING!!! WAHHHHHHHHHH. Too bad I am stuck at home doing homework and will not be able to see it. This weekend for sure though!! Either way I’m psyched that it is Thursday and that next week is THANKSGIVING/STUFF-YOURSELF-UNTIL-YOU-ALMOST-BUT-NOT-REALLY-PUKE!! Alright, I’m done with the caps-lock. It’s over.


Anyways…the title of my post. Although yesterday was my official birthday, today is the day when my actual gift/cards came! So it felt like my birthday was the span of two days! Awesome! Check out this awesome card I got from my friend. She even made the envelope because she couldn’t find one that fit the card she made. YES. MADE. As in painted that picture. So cool! I’m so lucky to have her as a friend. She has been with me through everything and I could not ask for better!

IMG_0892Now, on to my second present, the one of which I spoke of in this post. The Jawbone UP24! It came! I’m excited to try it out. Right now I am charging it and I just synced it so I’ll give you an update once I actually get the chance to use it! Cannot wait! Hopefully it was worth it….you know how I feel about gifts I thought I would like but end up not liking as much and wishing that I hadn’t bought anything so I would have that feeling that I could buy anything I wanted but not actually buy anything. Haha woah run-on sentence.

IMG_0887Also, check out my MRP Poster. This is what I have been working on all day and for the past couple of days. What do you think? I will be presenting it tomorrow at an MRP Poster Session. Wish me luck…or don’t, I will still fry (hopefully…). See you guys tomorrow! Enjoy that feeling of ALMOST THE WEEKEND! (Yeah..that’s right, I caps-locked after I said I was done…DEAL WITH IT!) ๐Ÿ˜›

Also…please excuse my pictures, not the most panoramic. I’m not one to take multiple photos in order to find the best. Just deal with what I give you okay? I ain’t perfect haha ๐Ÿ™‚

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